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Mandatory Standards: Coming to a Consensus


What makes a standard mandatory? Who decides and how? Join the Safety and Health Learning Alliance for a closer look at how various organizations manage mandatory standards.

Panel members, including Adam West from NASA's Office of the Chief Engineer and John Nakoski from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, will discuss

  • How mandatory standards are developed and vetted within their organizations
  • Who determines which standards are mandatory
  • Whether these standards are really mandatory or if there is room for tailoring
  • How out-of-date mandatory standards are managed
  • Lessons learned from mandatory standard processes

Adam West

John Nakoski

John A. Nakoski is the branch chief of the Performance and Reliability Branch, Division of Risk Analysis, Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s (NRC) Office of Research. Prior to this appointment, Nakoski worked for the Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA) in France as a nuclear safety analyst. Before working at the NEA, he held a variety of positions with the NRC in a regional office, the Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation and the Office of New Reactors.

Nakoski has 30 years of experience with power reactors (naval and civilian) as a technical and policy expert in a broad range of areas including inspection program development and implementation, licensing program development and implementation, reactor systems, regulatory policy development and implementation, quality assurance program oversight and inspection, and international affairs. He has been a first-line supervisor at the NRC since 2001 and has overseen the work of diverse groups of technical experts and administrative staff responsible for inspection program development and implementation, and conducting safety and security analyses and licensing reviews.

Nakoski holds a Bachelor of Science degree in nuclear engineering from the Pennsylvania State University.

Mandatory Standards: Coming to a Consensus


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