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Teleworking Safety and Health

The safety and health of the NASA workforce is always our top priority. During these unprecedented times, we aim to provide help and resources to prevent you from suffering from injuries that could last a lifetime. Please review the information contained on this page to ensure you’ve set up a safe and health workspace at home. These office ergonomics resources can also be customized to fit your at-home needs.

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Grant Watson, Institutional Safety, Office of Safety and Mission Assurance, Headquarters
Angel Plaza, Senior Environmental Health Officer, Headquarters

Teleworking Checklists

There are different considerations to take into account when working from home to ensure that time away from the office remains both productive and safe. Complete these checklists to make sure your work environment is set up for success!

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Safety Is Always a Priority, No Matter Where You Work

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Out of the Office? Take Workplace Ergonomics Principles Home With You.

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Trigger Points




Reaching over to grab a document, stretching to reach a keyboard, slouching in a chair. All of these seemingly subtle movements can equate to bad ergonomics and lead to potential injuries, while also aggravating pre-existing conditions.

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Ergonomics for Smarties


NASA Teleworking Safety and Health Resources

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